Distribution board PR11

Distribution boards PR11 are operated at AC 50 Hz networks:
  • three-wire networks 380 (415) V;
  • three-wire networks 220 (240) V;
  • four-wire networks 380/220 (415/240) V with insulated neutral (system IT);
  • four-wire networks 220/127 (240/120) V with insulated neutral (system IT);
  • four-wire networks 380/220 (415/240) V with earthed neutral (system TN-C);
  • four-wire networks 380/220 (415/240) V with earthed neutral (systems TN-S,TNC-S).

Distribution boards provide:
- input for three-phase electrical network;
- protection of all circuits against short-circuit current and overload.

Distribution board can be supplied with or without incoming switch. On request  “blade“ disconnector can be installed instead of incoming switch. Distribution switches can be ordered in any combination  by rated current of their thermal release devices, and simultaneous total load of switches. 
Voltage presence on the input of distribution points is supervised by voltmeters (optional).

On request incoming switches may include magnetic drive and shunt release device for remote action of PR11 inputs. Income and distribution switches may also include status auxiliary contacts. Arrangement of surface mounting cables inlets and outlets is adcustable to suit particular installation.

Distribution board may include automatic switches manufactured by ABB (S200 for currents 0,5...63 А,  S800 for currents 10...125 А, Tmax for currents 100...630 А), Schneider-Electric (С60 for currents 0,5...63 А, С120 or NG125 for currents 10...125 А, NSX for currents 100...630 А) or from alternatives preferred by the customer. 

Technical characteristics

Description Unit Value
 Rated current A 100... 630
 Rated voltage, AC (50 Hz) V ≤ 380 (415)
 Type of earthing system - On request
 Resistance to short-circuits (rated surge current) kA on request (6, 10, 25, 36)
 Protection level   - IP54 
 Overall dimensions (W x H x D) mm  380×600×210