Disconnectors Control Cabinet (DCC)

Disconnectors Control Cabinet controls disconnectors with electric drives (up to 10 units) applied for switching of traction network sections. 

Disconnectors control cabinet includes switching units and control system components. Control system can be connected to SCADA for remote control of disconnectors and monitoring of their status. Both local and remote control modes are available. Control buttons and disconnector status indicators are located on the front panel of the cabinet. 

Disconnectors control cabinet can be produced as wall-mounted or floor-mounted. Cabinet has protection level IP 54.

Technical characteristics

Description Unit Value
 Rated voltage of disconnector power circuit V 750 (1500)
 Type of controlled disconnectors - Motor-driven disconnectors
 Control - relay
 Rated voltage of control circuit, DC V 220 (240)
 Rated voltage of lighting circuit, AC (50 Hz) V 220 (240)
 Input signals - Dry contacts / RS-485
 Rated current of disconnectors control  A 0.1 
 Control modes  - Local, remote 
 Cooling  - Natural air 
 Maintenance  - single-sided 
 Protection level  - IP 54 
 Overall dimensions (W x H x D) 
 - Wall-mounted to control up to 4 disconnectors
 - Floor-mounted to control up to 10 disconnectors