DC Switchgears 600...3300 V.   Negative Switchgears

Negative Switchgears are used in city transport and underground traction substations for isolation of negative busbar.

Switchgear design provides: 
  • high reliability and maintainability; 
  • easy access for internal inspection; 
  • convenient access to measuring devices, as well as to components; 
  • maintenance with standard tools
Negative Switchgears for city electric transport (tram, trolleybus) - are subdivided in two types: modular-type and line-type. Modular-type switchgears are provided for rectifiers negative busbars connection to main negative busbar. Negative line-type switchgears are provided for overhead network outgoing feeders connection to substation negative busbar

Technical characteristics

Name of Parameter  Unit   DC Switchgear rated voltage arrangement
  600 V 750 V,  825 V 
Negative switchgear type
 line modular -
Rated voltage of power circuit V  600 750, 825
Rated current of power circuit V 1000  2000 4000
Electrodynamic resistance kA 80  100 100
Test voltage kV  10
Control  microprocessor microprocessor, relay
Rated voltage of control circuits V 110, 220
Rated voltage of lighting DC circuits V 24
Rated voltage of signaling DC circuits V 24
Cooling natural convection
Cycling  per hour 40
Mechanical strength, minimum cycles  20000 30000  30000 
Protection degree IP43

Switchgear can be optionally designed with parameters altered from stated above