DC Switchgears 600...3300 V

Voltage class 600 V 750 V 825 V 1500 V 1650 V 3000 V 3300 V
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Company “AVL Reach Limited” offers an outstanding solution in the field of energy distribution. 

We supply switchgears and provide lifetime equipment support enabling reliable power supply and trouble-free control. A skilful selection of components with high switching capacity, high dynamic strength to short-circuit currents and large mechanical resource is a distinguishing feature of AVL Reach switchgears that provides high reliability of equipment. 

Sophisticated electromechanical interlocking and protection system guarantees extraordinary safety level for maintenance staff.  

Main advantages:
  • Compact design; 
  • Utilisation of maintenance-free components;
  • High reliability; 
  • High level of safety for maintenance staff due to electromechanical interlock and protection; 
  • Provision of inspection convenience because of application of carriage-type element with circuit-breaker and disconnector; 
  • Built-in microprocessor traction network monitoring and protection system; 
  • Complete automation, exclusion of the human factor from substation equipment operation; 
  • High rated lifetime (30 years);
  • Environmental compatibility. 
Technical characteristics

Name of Parameter  Unit  DC Switchgear rated voltage arrangement
 600 V, 750 V, 825 V 1500 V, 1650 V, 3000 V, 3300 V 
Rated voltage V 600, 750, 825 1500, 1650, 3000, 3300
Maximum operating voltage V 1000 4000
Rated insulation voltage V 3000 4800
Rated current of power network A up to 6000* up to 6000*
Test voltage kV 15
Type of high speed circuit breaker UR 26-81, UR 36-81,
UR 40-81, UR 60-81
UR 26-64, UR 36-64,
UR 40-64, UR 60-64
Electrodynamic resistance kA 80 64
Rated breaking capacity kA/ms 125/100 40/31.5
Control microprocessor
Reverse current protection settings A from 0.05-1 Inom
Rated voltage of control circuits V 110, 220
Rated voltage of lighting DC circuits V 24
Rated voltage of auxiliary DC circuits V 24
Cooling natural convection
Protection degree IP43

*- DC switchgear can be optionally designed with parameters altered from stated above.