Switchgear with Shorting Contactor

Switchgear with Shorting Contactor  is provided for automatic short-circuiting of track rail insulated joint (rolling stock maintenance inspection track section) during voltage supply to metro line contact rail.

Main advantages:  
  •  high degree of unification and reliability,
  •  dimensional parametres decrease,
  •  repair-and-renewal operations time decrease,
  •  easiness in service and handling safety. 

Switchgear with Shorting Contactor is interchangeable  with contactor cabinets used on existing metro lines.


Switchgear with Shorting Contactor is manufactured in RITTAL (Germany) casing and is a one-side serviced complete device, including contactor, protection and lighting devices.

Structurally switchgear consists of a cabinet and base. Power contactor and control elements are installed in the cabinet. Base is provided for cabinet installation on its proper location. 

Power cables are ingoing into the cabinet from below.

Switching of contactor is done automatically in case of voltage supply from substation feeding line to contact line of rolling stock maintenance inspection track section. Connection of contactor to control system is provided with double-pole automatic circuit-breaker. 

Power supply to contactor coil is 220 V, 50 Hz.

IP-54 protection class.

Technical characteristics

Name of parameter   Value
Power circuit rated voltage V 750, 825
Power circuit rated current (DC)  А 400, 1000
Contactor control circuits voltage (AC, 50 Hz) V 220
Lighting circuits voltage (AC, 50 Hz) V 12
Protection class   IP54
Cyclicity (closing-opening) hourly 10
Mechanical stability (no-load), min cycles 10000
Overall dimensions, max mm  800 х 1000* х 450
Weight, max  kg 150

* Base height 1000 mm.

Overall dimensions 

Single-line diagram