Equipment up to 1000 V.   Main Components

Main power switching components are produced by the world leading manufacturers. The quality is guaranteed by UL, CSA, DNV, GL certification. 

Automatic switches 

On the example of commonlu used main power-switching unit manufactured by Schneider Electric the switchgear would have following characteristics:

- "Multi" for the rated currents from 0.5 to 125 А, 
- "Compact" NSX for the rated currents from 100 to 630 А, 
- "Masterpact" NW for the rated currents from 800 to 6300 А. 

A variety of other switching units can be adopted to suit customers’ requirements. Switchgear equipment produced with fixed, plug-in / retractable type of automatic switches. . 

Main features: 
  • Double insulation, complete separation of power and auxiliary circuits; 
  • Access to arc chambers, moving and fixed joins contacts is provided by disassembly of switch cover, making maintenance fast and safe; 
  • Increased insulating gaps between power elements allow to increase dielectric stability under overvoltage;
  • Sealed enclosure.
  • Disconnectors
Automatic switches are equipped with electric servo drives for the remote control operation function.


For routine maintenance on the groups of automatic switches in the switchgears we apply knife-blade disconnectors ISFT for the rated currents from 100 to 630 А (Schneider Electric), load switches Interpact INS/INV for the rated currents from 40 to 2500 А (Schneider Electric), disconnectors LTL for the rated currents 1250 and 1600 А (OEZ). 

Listed disconnectors are convenient to control and highly reliable.

Control system 

Control systemSwitchgears are equipped with system for control and supervision of switching units condition and also parameters monitoring. Control system also provides possibility to connect equipment to the network and transfer parameters to SCADA system. Line parameters supervision is done with equipment of “Bender GmbH” and “Socomec”. This equipment has interface output RS-485 for the network connection and also discrete signals for signalling about various events. Measuring and supervision of electric parameters is done with digital unit "Lovato Electric S.P.A.