Equipment up to 1000 V.  Design

Equipment up to 1000 V
Compact design allows ease of access to all the components of the unit, and at the same time the high level protection.

Facial door panels have  block diagram related to a switchgear functional block with LED indicators that show positions of switching devices . This design solution provides user-friendly visualisation for the convenience of operation and maintenance. 

Main automatic circuit breaker and sectional switchgears are protected by transparent inspection window allowing local visual inspections and supervision. All control elements and wiring are safely secured preventing exposure to operational and routine maintenance staff. 

The Power components of a switchgear are made with utilisation of maintenance-free contact joint technology. For convenience of maintenance, all cubicles equipped with local lights that switches on automatically when the doors are opens.

Power and control cables penetrate into cubicle through a sealed glands located at the bottom of the unit.