27.5 kV AC Switchgears

Main advantages

27.5 kV Switchgears are designed to deliver and distribute 50 Hz alternating current (AC) for the supply of AC railway electrification systems at a nominal voltage of 27.5 kV.  

27.5 kV AC Switchgears were type tested and comply with EN 62271-200 and EN 60694 standards. 

  • Ergonomic industrial design. 
  • Ease of accessibility to all functional groups. 
  • Remote and local equipment control options. 
  • Maximum protection against exposure of life components to personnel.
  • Fixed power contacts and bas-burs are protected for safe maintenance. 
  • Enhanced interlocking system and safeguards eliminate human error.
  • Cubicles tested at the independent testing facility.
  • Electrocution hazard avoided by keeping all exposed conductive components of 27.5 kV switchgear at earth potential.
  • Cubicle is resistant to environmental influence. 
Technical characteristics of the circuit breaker

Name of parameter Unit Value
Rated Voltage kV 27.5
Rated Peak Voltage kV 30
Rated Frequency Hz  50
Rated Current А  630; 1250   
Busbars Rated Current А  1250
Vacuum Circuit-Breaker Rated peak current 50
Rated Short-Time Current:
Vacuum circuit-breaker
Earthing Switch
Rated Vacuum Circuit-Breaker Current 20
Circuit-Breaker Opening Time, max. s 0.07
Rated Lightning Pulse Withstand Voltage kV 170
Poles Number