Modular traction substations

Modular traction substation produced by «AVL Reach Limited» is an integrated solution for reliable power supply of electric transport network. We also provide equipment setup, commissioning and lifetime support.

Modular traction substation designed to form either p0rtable or fixed electric power distribution point. 

Application of modern equipment and advanced solutions in the field of electrical engineering, based on years of experience, ensures safety and reliability in equipment operation.

Modular traction substation belongs to 17.5 kV voltage class and is designed for operation in automatic, maintenance-free mode. 

Modular traction substation is equipped with emergency lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security alarm and fire extinguishing systems. 

Main advantages:

  • minimum preparation works on installation site; 
  • high readiness for commissioning; 
  • “plug-and-play” installation (simple connection of primary and secondary circuits);
  • possibility to easily configure different circuits
  • protection against unauthorised intrusion and/or disassembling
  • ease of equipment access; 
  • high level of operational safety. Well thought interlocking system guarantee high operational safety standard; 
  • utilisation of environmentally friendly materials;
  • compliance with international requirements and standards;
  • mobility with opportunity to be relocated by road and / or rail.
Technical details of modular traction substation 

Name of parameter Unit Value
Rated voltage on HV side (IEC 62271-200)  kV 12; 17.5
Number of high voltage inputs 12 (17,5) kV pc. one/two/three
Number of traction transformers pc. one/two/three
Type of traction transformers  - Dry (type of windings: cast resin, RESIBLOC®)
Rated power of traction transformer  kVA 1000; 1600
Rated voltage of traction network  V 600; 750; 1500
Rated current of outgoing feeders  A 1000; 2000
Number of rectifiers pc. one/two/three
Rectifier circuit  - Bridge (6-12 pulse)
Connections diagram number (EN50328)  - 8-9-12
Rectifier duty class (EN50328)  - VI
Rated current of busbars on HV side  А up to 1250
Rated current of busbars on LV side  А up to 4000
Short time thermal current on HV side  kA/3 s 25
Short time withstand current on HV side  kA 62.5
Short time withstand current on LV side  kA 80
Rated frequency  Hz 50
Rated voltage of secondary circuits  V 380 (415), 220 (240), 110, 24
Number of output feeders for: - 1-unit - 2-units - 3-units  pc. 1...3
Number of modules  pc. one/two/three
Remote control system (SCADA)  - yes
Overall dimensions of traction substation module frame (width х height х depth)  mm 10220х3230х3700
Approximate weight of modular traction substation with equipment  kg up to 22000
Main standards  - EN50123/IEC61992 EN50328

Сustomised design values can deviate from stated above to meet specific customer requirements.