Rectifiers. Dry rectifier transformers


Voltage class 600 V 750 V 825 V 1500 V 1650 V 3000 V 3300 V
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AVL Reach Limited offers several types of rectifiers depending on required current value and rectification circuitry (12-pulse and 6-pulse bridge rectifier circuit, according to EN 50238:2003, Table 4, connections 8,9,12). 
In rectifiers it is applied materials with minimal impact on environment in its production. 

We provide a broad range of services and maintenance support during whole life cycle of the equipment starting from design and installation to decommissioning, scrapping and recycling.

AVL Reach rectifiers are distinguished by advanced technological solutions applied to both design and diagnostics. Each rectifier equipped with self-diagnostic and control system providing best technological solution for protection, diagnostics and control. Integral software constantly monitors rectifier performance and helps to optimise system maintenance cycle to achieve cost-effective result. 

Rectifiers comply with international standards IEC 60146-1- 1:2009-06, EN 50328:2003.

▲ Rectifier with dry-type transformer

Our preferable solution is based on rectifier with Resibloc® dry-type transformer. As per customer’s request, transformers can also be cast resined, supplied with epoxy glass cloth, laminated, etc., to suit individual needs and requirements.

Rectifiers meet IEC 60146-1- 1:2009-06, EN 50328:2003 international standard requirements. 

Main advantages
  • advanced protection, diagnostics and control system,
  • innovative technological solutions, 
  • maintenance-free, 
  • long lifetime.

Dry-type transformers are frequently used in applications where contamination and fire risks are have to be eliminated. Modern RESIBLOC® dry-type transformers with a ratings starting from 630 kVA can be supplied in variety of high (HV) and low (LV) voltage options. RESIBLOC® transformer technology proved its essential reliability not only in oil gas and mining industries but also in the fields of power generation and distribution worldwide.

 ▲ Rectifiers with dry-type transformers 
for underground traction substation
In addition to elimination of environmental hazards, RESIBLOC® transformers fully comply with stringent parameters in: 
  • fire safety; 
  • environmental compatibility; 
  • “cold” start with maximum load; 
  • high resistance to dynamic loads under overloads and short circuits; 
  • overvoltage withstand; 
  • low-maintenance; 
  • reliability in polluted, high humid and low temperature environment
Thanks to its glass-fibre content of approximately 80 %, RESIBLOC provides outstanding mechanical strength, meaning it is ideal for use in applications involving high mechanical stresses. For example, RESIBLOC is ideal for use in environments prone to earthquakes or applications with continual shock. 

Other advantages of RESIBLOC technology relate to protection of the environment. Transformers can operate under condition of 100% humidity, water vapour condensation, and chemical pollution. Transformers can be equipped with low noise radial fans. Additional Fan-forced cooling system can increase rated power up to 40 % or  may allow reducing dimension and weigh parameters at the same power rate.

Technical characteristics

Name of parameter  Unit  Rectifier rated voltage
 750 V,
825 V
1500 V, 
1650 V 
3000 V, 
3300 V 
 Rated voltage V  750*  1500, 1650  3000, 3300
 Rated current A  1600...4000*  2000...4000*  2000...4000*
 Auxiliaries voltage  V ~110/220 (240)
 Rectification circuit -  Bridge (6-pulse, 12-pulse)   
 Number of connections (acc. to EN 50328)  -  8,9,12  
 Cooling - Natural, Fan-forced   
 Duty class (acc. to EN50328) - VI*   
 Maximum ambient temperature °С  40*   
 Altitude 1000   
 IP class (acc. to IEC60529)  - IP21 
IP20, IP21, IP43 

customised design values can deviate from stated above to meet specific customer requirements