Uninterruptible power supply equipment

Charging and power supply units (CPSU) are meant for conversion of AC into regulated DC for batteries charging and consumers feeding with DC voltage both at buffer connection with battery and directly.

Advantages of CPSU application
  • increased CPSU reliability due to microprocessor control system and galvanic isolation from feed line; 
  • provision of several operation modes and control algorithms; 
  • automatic voltage supply for load according to set parameters upon start-up, operation and switching of CPSU; 
  • availability of service programs of adjustment, repair and control of CPSU parameters; 
  • complete checkout of parameters and protection of CPSU and load in all real emergency modes.
CPSUs are developed and produced for the rated voltages of 30; 60; 100; 230; 320 and 440 V, for rated currents of 5; 10; 25; 50; 100; 150 А. Adjustment of output voltage is smooth from 5% to 110% of rated voltage. 

CPSU can be devided on two categories dependently on input and output parameters.

CPSU provides characteristics of output voltage in accordance with DIN41773. 

Deviations of output current in the mode of output voltage stabilization do not exceed ± 1 % of output current setting value upon tolerable feed line voltage deviations. Deviations of output voltage in the mode of output voltage stabilization do not exceed ± 1 % of output voltage setting value upon tolerable feed line voltage deviations. 

Pulsation coefficient of output voltage is no more than 0.08 without capacitive filter at the output and no more than 0.04 with installed capacitive filter upon operation for active load, rated output current and rated output voltage. 

CPSU provides parallel operation with analogous CPSUs for general load. It is dynamically and thermally stable to currents of internal and external short circuits.

Main technical data of CPSU

Name of parameter Unit Value
Rated input voltage V 380+15 %, -20 %
Frequency Hz 50±1 
Phase quantity 
Inputs quantity 
Operation mode      continuous
DC output     Additional charge Recharge 
Rated rectified voltage  V 230 320 
Rated rectified current A  100   100
Range of output voltage regulation V 0-260   0-360
Capacity coefficient, no less than (at rated parameters)   0.9  0.9
Efficiency coefficient, no less than (at rated parameters)    0.94  0.94
Overall dimensions (WxHxD) mm, no more than   800х1800х600 
Weight, kg, no more than     700